DrTebi's Central Station

Art Work

My artwork finally found it's own place on the web at Ternowski.com. You will find my metal and jewelry work, ceramics, and wood creations on this site.

The Ternowski site hasn't been updated in quite a while though... I am planning to do a big update soon though. Meanwhile, you can find some of my woodworking projects and ramblings on my Lumberjocks website.


Most of my photography can be found on Flickr. Currently these images are limited to my film photography, which I prefer over digital images for it's dynamic and realistic qualities.


As DrTebi—or shall I say "Drummer Tebi"—I have played in plenty of fabulous bands.

I have now gathered all recordings of these bands on one page. You will find free high-quality music downloads of the once famous Nomadik Canibals band, with whom I played for many Ska and Reggae fans in Hollywood. I have also recently rediscovered quite a few recordings from previous bands I played in, like Flash Gordon, Rundfunk, and Simply Chaotic, which can all be found on the same page.

Don't miss out on some of these musical masterpieces! Find a list of bands and songs here.

Apache on Windows 98

For those people that have come her to get the tutorial that I wrote many years ago, which is a guide to install the Apache Webserver on a Windows 98 machine, the tutorial is still available:
Installing Apache on Windows 98 Tutorial

Why someone would want this tutorial today, I have now idea... bare in mind that this was a college paper I wrote many years ago, and it hasn't been updated since September 2001.

Anything Else?

Should you have any questions or are looking for something you thought should be here, you can send me a message through the Ternowski Contact Page, and I will try my best to help you out.